Book a one-to-one or a two person course with our qualified instructor. Available weekends, weekdays and evenings May through til September.

Our Approach to Kayak Rolling.

Firstly, "How long will it take me to roll?" is an impossible question to answer.
Too often I meet people who can roll their kayak in a pool, or flat water but never learn to roll in moving water. We aim to teach a roll that can be developed into a solid roll in a number of environments. We spend a huge amount of time focusing on your body movements and technique, rather than power and arms.

A huge part of rolling is being confident in water and if needed this is what we address first.

What will be included?
  • These classes are geared towards solving the black art of kayak rolling. Mastering the roll opens up the world of kayaking to a new level.
  • We use top end equipment, expert instruction and video feedback to maximize your learning.
  • The shallow sections of the Exeter canal in the warmth of the summer months make a great venue to tackle the roll.
  • We use modern and varied approaches to help you discover this very subtle skill.
  • We supply all equipment and this course is completely tailored to the individual's needs. Available in Sea, touring, river and general purpose kayaks.

Any questions please email.

1 Person / 2hrs / £50 + £25 Per additional hour
2 People / 2hrs / £75 + £25 Per additional hour

Know the basics, but want to improve?

Check out our Rolling Group Sessions

From £50
2 Hours
1-2 People
Equipment Provided