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red paddle co 15’0″ voyager tandem

Customer Review

We recently lent our Red Paddle Co 15’0 Voyager Tandem demo board to Tom so he could put it through it’s paces and get his opinion on it, here is his review:


A couple of weeks ago I spoke to Liam to get some ideas for a SUP overnighter that I could take my kids on. My kids are 8 and nearly 4 years so I was looking for a suitable stretch of water that was neither too extreme nor remote and with relatively short distances, not only did he come up with a great location but also very kindly suggested I try the Red Paddle Tandem. He also warned me that it was “a beast”!! Well, it is a beast but in a very good way! It is a really solid and stable board that it made the trip easy and a real pleasure. I put a kayak seat on the front for my youngest to sit/chill/fall asleep in, and packed it to the hilt with all of our kit – and I didn’t pack light! It has so much volume (over 700 litres) and with it being 8 inches thick it’s a very dry ride for passengers and kit. My daughter spent most of her time on her own sup – a Red Paddle Snapper, but also joined us on the Tandem. They could move about and swap places without any fear of capsize due to its stability. Incidentally, if your kids are really keen to get into paddle boarding it’s worth getting either a child specific or simply a narrow board (23”-27”) so they develop the proper paddling technique, the high resale price of the Red boards makes them good value compared to other brands.

The Red Paddle Tandem is also quick once you get it up to speed. I mostly paddled it solo but tried it with two adults and it really shifts. It’s capable of, and has more than enough space to take three adults! So, it’s great for touring and trips. Anchored off the beach it would make an awesome base for your kids and their friends to play on! It’s stability means it’s also a great tool for introducing people to paddle boarding. Add in the fact that it’s easy to paddle on your own makes it really is a very versatile board, and at the end of the season you can deflate it and store in the garage! It’s also light enough for one person to carry, and multiple handles makes it easy to transport even when loaded. Throwing it on the roof of the van is easy, and it’s more than stiff enough to leave it on there for a decent journey.

I’ve used another in the Voyager range, the 13’2, for a two day trip down the Wye. Again it has the same very solid feel to it due to the 6 inch thickness, the Red Paddle MSL technology and the stiffening battens. It’s another board you can fully load up and it makes little difference to it’s performance. So to sum up, the Tandem is not a gimmick, it works on many levels. Talk to the crew at AS, you can try all the boards and you’ll get the right advice and customer service.

We’d like to say a big thank you to Tom for the write-up and stunning pictures! If you would like to try the Tandem paddleboard for yourself,  we have one in the shop that can be taken out on the canal!  Want to adventure further afield? Contact us and we can arrange a longer demo.

We love having the Tandem on the fleet, it goes out on most of our paddleboard and pub social evenings! It’s great fun and a perfect platform for all sorts of adventures.

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